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How do you know

when to buy new tires?

It's not always clear when they look like they have tread left. Tire tread measurement is a big help, once you have visually inspected. We're happy to inspect your tires.

Get into a monthly check habit. Visually check your tires, and the air pressure. Tires can begin losing air unnoticed.

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Here are two ways you can see if your tires are worn out:
  • Look for wear bars. Look in the tire tread to see narrow bands in the grooves. If the wear bars are even with the tread depth, only 2/32” of tread remains, and it's time to replace the tire.
  • The old penny trick:
    Enter a penny into a groove of a tire with Lincoln's head pointed into the tire. If the groove covers part of the head you're safe to drive. If the head is in full view it's time for a new tire. The distance between the rim of a penny and lincoln's head is 1/16", the minimum suggested tire tread depth.

  • Rotate your tires

    every 6,000 miles. We'll check your tires at that time and make you aware of their condition.

    Most tires are out of service at 3—4 years based on wear. We can measure the tread as your tires age.

    Most tires have an estimated expected life mileage. If you do little driving keep in mind tires do DRY out. They may look good with tread, but a dry tire can blow. Most manufacturers will not warrant a tire after 6 years. This drying is one of the reasons.

    Tires which haven't been serviced: rotated, balanced or subject to misalignment will have a shorter life.

    Check the tread. If it is uneven or worn thin it is time to replace.

    Don't forget your spare. Check air pressure and age. A Department of Transportation Number is stamped on the sidewall of every tire. The last group of digits indicates the week and year the tire was built.

    And don't forget: Your tire may be repairable. If you didn't drive on a flat tire or if the puncture is small (less than 1/4") or the damage is on the tread part of your tire. It's important to have a qualified technician inspect the tire. Often internal damage can't be seen while the tire is on the wheel. Bring it by - we do a big volume of tire repair!

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