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Choosing the right tire

for your needs and budget can seem confusing. Here are some things to consider.

When do I need tires?
Tires are considered to be worn out at 2/32 inch minimum tread depth. Road conditions factor in: For wet weather 4/32 inch or less tread means a significant loss of wet traction due to shallower grooves and sipes. If you're headed for the snow: 6/32 inch tread depth. Irregular wear will lead to early

tire replacement.

If your alignment is off you may have to replace your tires sooner.
Tires dry out
and age is a factor. The maximum you can expect is 6 years. See our Warranty page.

Brake Repair, Service, Shocks, Struts

Do I have to replace all 4 tires?
If you need one tire due to damage, a defect, irregular wear, etc. you can replace it with a tire of similar brand, line, speed rating, and load capacity to your other three tires.
If two tires have poor or irregular wear replace them with similar or BETTER quality and put the new tires on the rear of your car.
Replacing all four tires is the best scenario because you have more choices.

Do I have to replace with the same tire size?
Most people choose the same size as their old tires. You can find this information right on the tire's sidewall. If you would like to change the size or find out more - we'd be happy to help you decide.

Changing tire size can be desirable to improve the ride and performance of a vehicle. Things to consider:

What are your driving conditions?

In southern California our driving can range from freeway to skiing or off-roading. Most tires today are all-season type with the greatest range of appeal to varying habits of drivers. For pickups and SUVs you'll be looking at a purpose-built tire design to match your driving needs. These have tradeoffs including traction, on and off the road, ride quality and performance.

What about the cost?
It's true: "you get what you pay for" probably more in tire buying than other areas. Add to that your family's safety, your car rides on these tires, the time spent in your car, and it is easy to understand the importance of this purchase. We will work with your budget. Since we carry the
largest selection of used tires
we can help you find quality at the lowest price.

What is a speed rating?
You need a tire with the correct speed rating for your car. Simply put, a tire's handling response corresponds with its speed rating. if you use a lower speed rated tire than the original you'll lose that tight handling originally intended by the manufacturer and you won't safely achieve the speeds the car was designed for. The reverse is true: you'll improve your car's handling buying a higher speed rated tire.

What about high performance tires?
Happily, every year we see more tire designs for all vehicles. Tire manufacturers are introducing more specialized designs. For any car, SUV, truck, van, etc. you can choose from a wide variety of styles, long-wearing types, ultra-high performance and stylish tires. That's the fun. We're happy to help you decide.

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